Cherry Wood Flooring Installation

Cherry wood flooring installation seldom includes staining because this wood already has a beautiful natural color that makes it stand out from other flooring types. It is unique in that it patinas quickly, changing from a soft pink when it is first installed to a much deeper rich red where it is exposed to sunlight. The full color change takes place over the course of a year, leaving your floors a deep natural color that only gets more beautiful as time passes.

What Does Cherry Wood Flooring Look Like?

Cherry wood floors are absolutely beautiful, with a lasting pinkish hue that sets them apart from birch and pine. Cherry takes well to staining, and will darken over time to a very rich color that is unique to this wood. The grain is fine and uniform, with a smooth and satiny texture.

Is Cherry Wood Flooring Installation Durable?

Cherry wood flooring isn’t the hardest wood floor type you can buy but it is very durable and will last a good long while in low traffic rooms like bedrooms. It is somewhat susceptible to dents and scratches but it is very stable and does resist the kind of gradual warping that can sometimes happen to floors and underflooring.

Other Benefits of Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry wood flooring installation is affordable because this wood is readily available. In fact, since American cherry trees are relatively fast growing, American cherry wood flooring is among the most readily available kind of wood flooring in the U.S.