Tile Floor Installation

Tile isn’t just tile anymore! When you reach out to us for tile floor installation in New England, you’ll discover a world of options from traditional tile to wood look tile to porcelain tile that looks like marble or travertine to custom mosaics. Having tile floors installed is a wonderful way to enhance your property’s looks and value. At National Floors, we can install tile in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room of your home or business. We have decades of experience laying tile flooring for residential and commercial applications in the greater New England area.

Tile Floor Installation Is Stylish

Sky’s the limit when it comes to tile style. You can come to us for the latest tile trends, whether your tastes run toward classic ceramic tiling or tile that looks like fine hardwood. Yes, hardwood. That means you can enjoy the beauty of wood in spaces where wood flooring isn’t the ideal choice (like the bathroom or the kitchen). We can also create custom tile mosaics so your floors are one of a kind! The only maintenance tile flooring requires to stay looking beautiful is sweeping and mopping, as needed.

Tile Flooring Is Durable, Too

When you choose tile floor installation over other flooring types, you can be sure you are getting a floor that will last you for as long as you love it. Tile is naturally moisture resistant, making it the ideal choice for areas of your home like kitchens and bathrooms, and if you’re worried about spills, some tile flooring types are even produced to be less slippery when wet.

Let the Pros Handle Your Tile Floor Installation

As tempted as you may be to lay your own tile, there are some good reasons to leave your tile flooring installation to the pros. Laying your own tile can actually be more expensive than hiring a tile floor installer because professionals already have the necessary tools. And if you don’t have past experience laying tile, tile floor installation can take a lot longer than you anticipate. Finally, while installing tile floors isn’t the most backbreaking work, it’s not easy, either. Chances are you’ll end up with a more beautiful floor in less time and for less money when you hire us.

Looking for something else? Our floor installers can also outfit your home or business with commercial vinyl planks, vinyl composition tile, engineered laminate, floating engineered wood flooring, poured epoxy, and commercial rubber.