Hickory Flooring Installation

Hickory, which is a member of the walnut family, is the heaviest, hardest, strongest domestic wood. You’ll find hickory flooring installation in lots of homes and commercial spaces because it’s not as expensive as exotic hardwood flooring or the rarer hardwoods, but it’s still not as common as oak flooring. When you install hickory floors, you get the benefits of imported hardwood – durability and beauty – without the expensive price tag as well as floors that have a little more character than you might expect given the cost. Hickory can be found as solid plank flooring and engineered flooring, and there are also hickory-styled laminate flooring options.

What Do Hickory Floors Look Like?

Hickory wood has a beautiful dense yet fine grain and a lovely hue that can run from white to creamy tan to a deeper reddish brown. There tends to be a lot of color variations in this wood. But hickory is actually one of the easiest woods to stain during installation, which means you can enhance the beauty of hickory flooring without putting a lot of time or extra money into your flooring installation project. Overall, hickory flooring comes in a range of colors and styles – which means it can mimic the look of more expensive hardwoods.

Is Hickory Flooring Installation Durable?

As noted above, hickory is one of the hardest woods you’ll find grown in the US, and that means your hickory flooring installation will hold up well even in high traffic areas. It’s also very dense, which means that it’s highly scratch and dent resistant. Have kids and pets? Then hickory flooring is a great choice.

Other Benefits of Hickory Flooring

Hickory flooring installation is a good choice in humid climates that can warp other hardwood flooring types. Hickory is very stable and so tends not to warp, even in conditions that are hard on hardwoods. When finished with a clear sealant, hickory becomes even more resistant to moisture. Want to see your hickory flooring installation options in person? Contact us to make an appointment to visit the National Floors showroom in Beverly, MA.