Floating Engineered Wood Flooring

Floating wood floor installation pairs the simplicity of click and lock flooring installation with the beautiful look of hardwood – for a fraction of the price. Floating engineered wood flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and veneers, so there are options for every taste and budget. This type of flooring is also very durable, making it great for rental properties and commercial spaces, and easy to install, so you can get your gorgeous new floor faster.

What Is Floating Floor Installation?

Floating wood floor installation enables homeowners to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors throughout in each and every room including basements. The nature of hardwood flooring is to “expand across the face” …. as the grain receives moisture from the environment, it swells. This expansion can cause problems with flooring when floors are left to experience high humidity levels. Most basements produce this high humidity level, and make them susceptible to expansion.

Engineered floors were created to withstand the high expansion/contraction process that takes place in high humidity spaces. The reason for the added stability of this flooring, is that the construct of the “seat of the floor”… (which is basically the middle section, and the bottom portion) is made in a way that expands in different directions of the top veneer. So with multi directional wood within the various layers of the composite floor material, when exposed to humidity, the top veneer wants to expand from east to west, the middle layer wants to expand from north to south, and the bottom grain is angular. This multi directional effect keeps this material dimentionally stable under any circumstances, notwithstanding a flood.

The higher lines of engineered floors utilize inner materials that are “sawn on the quarter”, or “vertical grain” woods that produce even more dimentional stability to the product. Because the entire floor is only fastened to itself, it moves as a “total unit” and can expand and contract as a whole, with the single pieces pressing against each other. Our engineered products come with a “LIFE OF THE HOME WARRANTY” and will provide the luxury of hardwood floor, throughout your home.

If you want a durable hardwood floor that looks beautiful and is more affordable, come in and check out the floating engineered wood flooring samples in our Beverly, MA showroom. Looking for something else? Our floor installers can also outfit your home or business with commercial tile flooring, vinyl planks, vinyl composition tile, engineered laminate, floating engineered wood flooring, poured epoxy, and commercial rubber.