Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation

Exotic hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular in homes and in commercial spaces because it tends to be not only beautiful, but also hard wearing. Brazilian cherry (also known as Jatoba flooring) is one exotic hardwood flooring option a lot of people love because of a unique property. When it is exposed to light, it develops a natural patina. Jatoba flooring starts out a lovely light brown color and eventually deepens to a beautiful deep burgundy.

What Do Exotic Hardwood Floors Look Like?

When you start looking into exotic hardwood floor installation, you may be surprised to discover that there are numerous species of hardwood that is sold as exotic and that these come in many different colors and styles. What makes a hardwood floor exotic? Hardwood flooring is typically imported from interesting parts of the world (usually the tropics), much more rare than, say, pine flooring, and much more visually striking, too. Rosewood flooring has a lovely polish and a natural perfume. Brazilian cherry, for instance, has a unique interlocking grain paired with golden and dark streaks that give it a character all its own.

Exotic hardwood flooring installation is the perfect way to make your home stand out from the crowd!

Are Exotic Hardwood Floors Durable?

Yes! Most exotic hardwoods are harder and denser than domestic species, and are just as durable as you’d expect. Brazilian cherry is harder than both domestic red oak and American cherry. However, durability isn’t the main selling point of exotic hardwood floors. Most people who choose to install exotic hardwood floors make their selections based on looks.

Why Brazilian Cherry?

Brazilian Cherry is simply the industry name of the specie Jatoba.  This wood is very dense, which adds to its durability.  Because the grain patter changes from board to board, it produces an elegance that sets it apart from other species.  For lasting beauty, and life long wearability, Brazilian Cherry is a great choice.

Another Element of Exotic Hardwood Flooring Installation

Some exotic hardwoods have been over harvested, leading to the destruction of forests. When you’re choosing between exotic hardwood floor installation options, look for wood that has been harvested sustainably on land where reseeding is a priority.