Oak Flooring Installation

National Floors has decades of experience handling oak flooring installation in homes and commercial spaces. Hardwood oak floors comes in two species: white oak, which is light tan and can patina to a rich honey color, and red oak, which is actually slightly lighter in color. Both are beautiful, durable, and stable (especially in climates where summers are humid and winters are dry), but one of the best things about oak flooring installation is the wood’s versatility. The prime grades of oak flooring are great in contemporary spaces while other cuts have the kind of knotting and diverse grain patterns that are perfect in rustic homes.

What Does Oak Flooring Look Like?

Oak floors come in a variety of natural shades, from pale white to quite dark, though lighter oak flooring can be stained to match any decor. Both oak types can be sawn to produce a vertical grain, which some people find more attractive.

Is Oak Flooring Installation Durable?

Massachusetts oak flooring installers will tell you that oak is an incredibly durable wood that only looks richer and more sophisticated with age. There are gorgeous oak floors that are centuries old!

Other Benefits of Oak Floors

Oak floor installation can be less expensive than other hardwood flooring options, but that’s not the only reason to love this wood! Oak flooring is more stable than maple or hickory in variable climates. It’s widely available, and the natural active grain pattern of this wood hides the small scratches and dents that every floor accumulates with age.