Wood Floor Inlay Installation

National Floors does more than expert wood floor installation. We also offer wood floor inlay installation and can even design custom, one of a kind wood floor inlays that will make your hardwood flooring even more beautiful. Whether you want to add a border, corner detailing, or a medallion to your wood flooring, our wood floor inlays are the perfect way to personalize your floors. The pattern options are endless, from intricate medallions to eye-catching Greek key borders and more in all types of stains and finishes.

Borders for Wood Floor Inlays

Hardwood flooring is anything but boring when you add a border inlay that gives wood the visual appeal of rugs. Ordinary wood flooring becomes extraordinary when you finish off a room with a custom border inlay.

Corners for Wood Floor Inlays

A border inlay becomes extra special when you add corner detailing. We can help you design a custom corner design for your new wood floor inlay or install corner detailing on any floor.

Medallions for Wood Floor Inlays

Decorative wood inlay medallions of various sizes can be made to your specifications, giving your hardwood flooring added personality that will make every room in your home more beautiful.

To learn more about how we can create custom wood floor inlays for your project or to visit the National Floors showroom by appointment at 100 Cummings Center suite 435 G in Beverly, MA, contact us.