Larch Flooring Installation

Larch is a softwood and that word – soft – frightens some people away from larch flooring installation. But larch wood is actually particularly durable and waterproof, and is strong while still being supple. You can trust that the larch flooring you install today will last many, many years. Larch flooring is not as common as other wood flooring types that we install here at National Floors but it’s getting more popular thanks to its versatility, warmth, and the fact that it is produced in a lot of different color and finish options. You’re sure to find a style of larch flooring you love!

What Do Larch Floors Look Like?

Natural larch flooring is most similar in appearance to pine. It has bold straight grain patterns with the occasional spiral and a pleasant rustic look. In terms of color, the heartwood has a coffee brown color while the sapwood is much lighter – a yellow that’s almost white. Many people choose larch flooring installation to go with country or shabby chic decor, but larch’s one of a kind look can work well in modern homes, too. Want something unique? Finishing techniques that emphasize the patterns in larch can make the wood look almost like zebra skin! You’ll definitely be impressed by larch flooring’s natural beauty, regardless of how it is finished.

Is Larch Floor Installation Durable?

Yes! It’s important to remember that the terms ‘hardwood’ and ‘softwood’ don’t always refer to the actual strength or density of the finished flooring. In fact, larch wood is so durable (thanks to the resins and tannins in the heartwood of the larch tree that make the wood naturally rot-resistant) that it’s often used in outdoor applications from fences to boats! Indoors, both the engineered and solid wood options will stand up to the test of time in high traffic areas of your home.