Rosewood Flooring Installation

Are you looking for higher-end hardwood flooring? Then consider rosewood! This is one of the finest, most beautiful hardwoods in the world thanks not only to its rich color, but also it’s fascinating scent! While many different richly-hued hardwood flooring options may be referred to as rosewood, true rosewood flooring installation leaves behind a lovely aroma of roses that is absolutely unique to this wood. The slightly sweet scent will actually remain for many years, giving your home a natural perfume.

What Do Rosewood Floors Look Like?

Rosewood flooring has a number of characteristics that set it apart from other hardwood floor options. For instance, rosewood has a natural polish that is not usually found in other woods. Its color from deep reddish brown to something like violet, with occasional black streaks and a straight grain.

Is Rosewood Floor Installation Durable?

When people research their wood floor installation options, they may encounter many types of flooring called rosewood. The rosewood label doesn’t always refer to the species of the wood. In some cases, rosewood will actually refer to the color, a finish, or something else. All genuine rosewoods belong to the genus Dalbergia – these produce the rosewood flooring that has the signature sweet smell. Genuine rosewood is also very durable and stable, too. You should get many years out of your rosewood flooring installation without seeing any warping.

Is Rosewood Flooring Eco Friendly?

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly flooring option, you may be worried about the sustainability of rosewood for good reason. Rosewood unfortunately has a history of unsustainable harvesting, but the good news is that recently producers of this hardwood flooring option have been growing the trees sustainably on farms.

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