Maple Flooring Installation

Maple flooring comes in both hard and soft varieties, and all maple flooring will make a beautiful addition to any room in a home. Because it’s so widely available, it’s also very affordable – and even the lower grades look beautiful and hold up to regular foot traffic well.

What Does Maple Flooring Look Like?

Maple’s minimal, smooth grain and uniform appearance is appealing to people who are looking for a sleeker wood floor that isn’t full of knots like pine floors. Maple sapwood is almost creamy white in color, though boards can vary from very light to dark brown when the heartwood is cut. In some maple flooring installations, darker streaks are visible – though these sorts of details are relatively rare. Most color variations you’ll see are natural because maple doesn’t stain well.

Is Maple Flooring Installation Durable?

This type of wood is harder and more durable than most, which is why maple flooring installation is so common in commercial and athletic projects. It is more than two times harder than Douglas fir but isn’t so stiff that it can’t acclimate to changing conditions. Overall, maple floors are strong and extremely tough.

Other Benefits of Maple Flooring

Maple flooring installers will tell you that this wood has an incredibly high shock resistance and that is why it is the wood of choice for floors in sporting arenas. This shock resistance lets the floor respond to pounding feet by bouncing back, which can actually reduce injuries in athletes!

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